Minion T-Shirts India

Why minion merchandise is a must have from the Fallback collection!

We all love minions, the silly adorable creatures from Despicable me who stole our hearts with the cuteness & dumbness. If you are not already a fan of them, we are here to give you good reasons to love them, and watch the movie Despicable Me as well! But before you do, check out our awesome collection on fallback online store of t-shirts & hoodies to show your love for the fuzzy little creatures.

Everything about the minions, is cuteness overloaded. The creator hit the bull’s eye when designing minions in yellow and blue with those big bulging eyes and the instantly striking innocence they radiate. be it Dave jerry, Jorge, kevin, phil, mark or bob..we love all of them for their craziness. They exist as a separate entity- a loyal, well-knit bunch of oh-my-god cuteness overload whilst just appearing on screen, that makes even guys go “awww!”. Get the same from your friends when you wear a t-shirt from our collection at fallback online store. With the best of prints & expressions from the cuties, turn some heads around when you wear them!

Why we love the minions? Well, the minions are extremely loyal, hard working, simple, funny, impulsive with least resistance and extremely helpful creatures. They are pretty much what people wish they were. Bob for instance reminds us of our carefree childhood- unperturbed, happy-go-lucky and ever smiling nature. For instance, Kevin once disliked being unsure of himself, and when Gru left questions unanswered, he was pretty pissed! Dave’s sense of humor is borderline silly and charmingly childish, laughing in his own manner on hearing water bubble sounds, scanning his own butt in a copy machine. How can you not connect with their captivating idiosyncrasies! We capture all this and much more in our t-shirts at the Fallback online store in India.

What are you waiting for? Get started and browse our awesome collection of t-shirts on Fallback online store, and show off your love for these little ones. With their craziness & adorableness reflecting in the t-shirt & you, people are bound to give complements! Show off Fallback t-shirts & hoodies in style.